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BMS Community Resources

A website with BMS related resources.
Feel free to open issues and pull requests.

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Player Guides


Lunatic Rave 2 SD

LR2 is the standard BMS player. It is over 10 years old and can be buggy. It has by far the largest playerbase. Many skins and tools have been made for LR2. This is the default variant, meaning 640x480.

Lunatic Rave 2 HD

This is the HD variant, meaning 1280x720. You install it by pasting it over your install of the SD version and renaming config.xml to config.xmh.

Lunatic Rave 2 HD with Fast/Slow

This is the same as the other HD version, but with Fast/Slow indicators (fixed LN version).

Lunatic Rave 2 FHD

This is the Full HD variant, meaning 1920x1080. You install it by using the patch executable on your install of the SD version. No need to rename your config file. Please note that at the moment, only one LR2 skin natively supports FHD (LITONE).


beatoraja is a BMS player made in Java. It is open source, cross-platform, and supports BMSON. There are multiple internet ranking servers for beatoraja.


LR2oraja is a beatoraja fork using LR2 timing windows and gauges instead of the default beatoraja ones.

LR2oraja ~Endless Dream~

LR2oraja ~Endless Dream~ is an LR2oraja fork with additional features such as a rate modifier and a random trainer, as well as faster song and table processing (up to 20x faster compared to stock beatoraja).


Bemuse is a BMS player which runs completely in the browser.


QMS is a new BMS player that’s meant to be identical to LR2 in gameplay but without the bugs.


Qwilight is a new BMS player with support for various keymodes, internet ranking, online multiplayer and chat and much more. It is open-source and supports BMSON.

Lunatic Vibes

Lunatic Vibes is a modern BMS player aiming to be identical to LR2 in gameplay and feel, with support for LR2 skins (SD, HD and FHD) as well as additional features such as online multiplayer. Development is currently halted.

List of BMS Players

Lists most other BMS players, sorted by year of release. (Japanese)

Starter Packs

Player Utilities

A website where you can search for BMS songs and get information about them.


A very useful program with many features. You can use it to add tables in Lunatic Rave 2, remove duplicates in your BMS library, install sabuns automatically, fix songs with wrong encoding or even use it as a music player. This link is a mirrored version with some edits (such as the default table list) as the official version is not available anymore.

LR2 Internet Ranking (LR2IR)

Lunatic Rave 2’s Internet Ranking (IR) server. You can add rivals, look for charts and look at rankings for specific charts there.


A beatoraja Internet Ranking (IR) server. The most populated beatoraja IR, only available bundled with the compiled releases.


A beatoraja Internet Ranking (IR) server. The main unique feature of this beatoraja IR is the Unique ID which can be used to bind the profile with Stellaway for the Satellite and Stella difficulty tables.


A modern score tracker and Internet Ranking (IR) server. Supports beatoraja (PMS only), LR2oraja (including Endless Dream) and LR2.


A website containing many BMS-related tools and services including a score tracker and lamp viewer, an Internet Ranking (IR) server for beatoraja and LR2oraja and a table creator, among others.


A tool that lets you view your lamps across different tables. Only compatible with LR2IR.


A tool that you can use to get recommendations on charts to play. It can also give you a “rating” that can be used to compare yourself to other players, depending of your clears. Please note that this only works with charts from the Insane 1 and Overjoy tables.


A tool used to view your clear lamps on several tables. You need to meet some requirements before being able to see your name there, these are specified on the wevsite.

Stella / Satellite Website

Stella is an alternative table to the Overjoy table that covers difficulties above ★19. On the other hand, Satellite is an alternative table to the Insane table that covers difficulties ☆11-★19. The website is used to propose and vote for new additions / changes to the Stella / Satellite table.

Ribbit’s Online BMS Chart Viewer

A website where you can upload and view BMS charts. This is a mirrored version by ladymade-star as the original viewer is not available anymore.


A minimal difficulty table manager for LR2 that is designed to be a simple as possible to use.

GLAssist Download (ver 2.3.2)

A tool used to add tables in Lunatic Rave 2. This program is deprecated, so please use BMSeeker instead if you can.


A tool used to convert SD skins to HD/FHD skins and vice-versa.

LR2SkinConverter (English)

An english translation of the LR2SkinConverter tool.

IIDX Hand Simulator

A tool for “simulating” hand positions / playstyles on controllers.


A tool to generate previews for BMS files that do not provide one, for use with beatoraja. An english usage guide can be found here.


A tool to merge and rename duplicate BMS songs.

Dan Courses


Lunatic Rave 2




Lunatic Rave 2 / beatoraja

beatoraja only

Event Packs

BMS Creation



Other Songs and Sabuns